EO's & Florals
Au Naturelle - All Natural & Unscented

Soaping is a science but your soap doesn't have to be a chemically laden science experiment.

Our soaps are created from guaranteed natural sourced ingredients with the most sensitive skin in mind.

Take a peek at the soaps below & read the captions.. do your store bought big company soaps look that close to nature and have ingredients listed that can be as easily pronounced?


What makes our soaps so different from the rest? Our Motto says it all:

"Inspired by Nature, Made with Love."


EO's & Florals are just that, a soap base scented with essential oils with an added touch of florals to accentuate the scent. Not only are the floral buds an added touch of color to the soap it is aesthetically pleasing.


This type of soap is another example that soaps can be scented without the use of fragrance oils.


Essential Oils Available: *Bergamot * Citronella * Cedarwood *  * Four Thieves * Eucalyptus * Peppermint * Spearmint * * Lemon * Lemongrass * Tangerine * Lime * 10X Orange *         * Lavender * Patchouli * Rosemary *

Natural clays not only add a splash of natural color to our soaps, they are also beneficial to your skin.  


Externally, clays are used to absorb excess oil, dirt, and toxins from the skin while simultaneously exfoliating and improving skin circulation.  Clays come in a variety of colors such as red, green, white, gray, and can range in texture from coarse and heavy to fine and fluffy.  The different colors of clays occur because of their natural mineral content.


We offer: * French Green Clay * Moroccan Red Clay * Bentonite Clay * & * Kaolin Clay * 



The soap pictured above,  lovingly called "Zebra",  is the best example of combining Bamboo sourced Activated Charcoal, Fragrance Oil & Pumice.


The combination of these ingredients not only make this soap a slice of perfection, but it intoxifies with the Egyptian Musk FO, detoxifies & exfoliates.. it doesn't get any better than that!  


We offer the following scented Fragrance Oils (many are original blends) : * Baroness * Egyptian Musk * Mystique * Fountainbleu * Gardenia * CK1 * Bay Rum * Coconut Lime Verbana * Vanity * Aqua de Gio * Jammin' * 

Natural Clays
Charcoal, Fragrance Oil & Finely Ground Pumice

Au Naturelle is not only one of our most popular soaps it's also a soap type... "all naturally" unscented.  The scent of this type of bar is ONLY that of the ingredients that make up the bar.  Since I use UnDeodorized Unrefined Cocoa Butter, this particular bar has a faint smell of cocoa or chocolate.  It's heavenly.