Ingredients:  it's what makes our products different from the rest​​

Organic, Virgin, Cold Pressed Oil Bases

All of our oil bases are extra virgin, cold processed and organic. We buy them in as a natural form as possible. They are 100% pure oils without any added preservatives, fillers, color enhancers and/or additives.

We use a variety of base oils to create our blends, but our (4) main base oils in our top 3 selling lines are:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil & Organic Refined Hempseed Oil. 

* Hempseed oil is manufactured from varieties of Cannabis sativa that do not contain significant amounts of THC, the psychoactive element present in the cannabis plant. This manufacturing process typically includes cleaning the seed to 99.99% before pressing the oil. There is no THC within the hempseed.

Organic, Unrefined, Raw Butters​  & Organic Beeswax

The butters we choose are as close to you pulling the fruits off the tree yourself.  We make sure that they are unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorized and are food grade. Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Mango Butter & Organic Sal Butter.


Be forewarned, undeodorized cocoa butter has a faint smell of chocolate and it smells so yummy you may just be temped to eat your soap!   I'm not recommending consumption, but you will be tempted. 

Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Infused Oils & Other Naturally Sourced Ingredients​​​


Our products are given an extra special burst of scent, color or aesthetics by organic essential oils,  handmade infused oils &  naturally sourced ingredients​​​ (clays, charcoal, florals, minerals). We take pride in our choice of not using artificial colorants, preservatives or additives.  


We will make custom fragranced soaps, lotions, balms & deodorants  with Fragrance Oils by request as a custom order.  For soaps being custom ordered,  proper curing time will have to be accounted for before the use of these items. 

​​​Not only will you love our products for their results but you can rest assure knowing that they are made with the highest organic, food grade base oils, butters, clays waxes and flowers. All of our base oils are virgin, cold pressed and certified organic. Our butters are virgin, raw (unrefined) and retain their natural aromas and characteristics. Powders, Clays, Salts, Florals, Oats and Vanilla Beans are all naturally sourced. All fragrances come from organic essential oils and are blends are created by me. I will ONLY use fragrance oils upon custom ordering in which I will have to be allotted a few extra days processing time to acquire the fragrance oils.

Not only is my focus on buying quality ingredients but I also look out for the welfare of the environment and wild life. I am proud to say: "Look Ma, No Palm!".

We take pride in creating products that are not animal tested and do not contain phalates, palm oil, parabens, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, triclosan, sulfates, emulsifiers, and/or petroleum (petrochemical) products. Not only are these potentially harmful to your body, they can actually pull moisture out of the skin.​