Lotion Bars &
Lotion Sticks

I'm sure you have heard that your skin is your largest organ, well it is.  An average adult has over 8 pounds and 22 feet worth of skin.  So why would you not want to protect and nourish it with organic all natural products? Applying chemical laden products to your skin not only dries out your skin, but it's scientifically proven that your whole body suffers from it.

Moisturize Your Skin

I simply love making lotion bars! It's like Christmas morning every time I go to unmold a bar... waiting with baited breath if it's what you want when you open the package!  


Throw these bad boys in a tin and they are as mobile as you are!


Our lotion bars are made with the highest greade organic, unrefined ingredients and are preserved with a naturally sourced presevative without any synthetics. 

My new found love for myself.  Kukui Nut.  While I make whipped butter in different bases, Kukui Nut just has that extra something special my skin needs.  


Whipped butters are the best of both worlds.  They are light, fluffy and airy enough to feel light yet ultra moisturizing.  This is so light and fluffy you would think it was whipped cream.  A true story, I showed my husband and he almost went to lick the spoon until he heard me say lotion, its that awesome!


Our absolute best seller.   Our balms are nothing short of impressive... I even have Air Force Master Seargant's raving about them and he's not hesitant to tell you either!  


If your skin is in dire need of extra moisture, this is the balm for you..  Heels, knees, elbows,  your babies sensitive skin.. this is the balm that you reach for when you want and/or need that extra boost of moisture! 


Whipped Butters

I have been told by customer's that our lotions are super emollient and leaves the skin silky smooth.  I was once told, "Wow, this stuff is great... a lil dab'll do ya - because a lil goes a long way !"


All of our lotions are non-water based, so there isn't any need for extra's such as emulsifying waxes or chemical preservatives.  


All of our lotions, balms, lotion bars and butters are naturally preserved by an organic naturally sourced preservative and have a shelf life of 3-6 months depending on storing environment.